Winter has well and truly made an entrance. For the first time since last year, I awoke to the frosty white layer blanketing the roofs, cars and trees around me. As I made my way across the grass, I took a moment to enjoy the crunch of the frozen ground under my feet and ponder … Continue reading Winter.

the wind.

Can you feel the power in the weather? When you stop and open yourself to the elements, the force you feel can be extraordinary and each element offers different traits to bring specific qualities to your workings. Of all of the different sensations that each weather can bring, the wind is by far my favourite. Now … Continue reading the wind.

Crystals of my youth.

Crystals have been a part of my life ever since I was very young, I was introduced to them by my aunt and I have been fascinated with them ever since. My collection has gradually grown over the years, I still enjoy learning about them and their magical uses. All of them are special to me, … Continue reading Crystals of my youth.

Confession​ of a wild witch…

I have always been drawn to the magical way, it was part of my childhood growing up, brought to me by my mother's side of the family. Over the years, curiosity has grown in me so I have tried to expand my knowledge and come to some sort of understanding with the things I know … Continue reading Confession​ of a wild witch…