Everyones is sacred and unique in its own way. There is no right or wrong however you choose to create your space; big or small, colourful or not, it is your space to work magic and your space to connect with the gods. Mine is basic; I wanted to create a reminder of my belief every day … Continue reading Altar.

Happy Ostara

Ostara, what a wonderful time of year that marks when light and dark become equal again. It can be celebrated anywhere between the 19th to the 22nd of March, but in 2017 the Spring Equinox falls on 20th March. I will be celebrating on the 21st as I have done during previous years. We now … Continue reading Happy Ostara

Crystals of my youth.

Crystals have been a part of my life ever since I was very young, I was introduced to them by my aunt and I have been fascinated with them ever since. My collection has gradually grown over the years, I still enjoy learning about them and their magical uses. All of them are special to me, … Continue reading Crystals of my youth.

February Favourite

Another classic blog which I thought I would partake in; February favourites! I am after all human, so of course, I have that instinctual leaning toward curiosity. Seeing other people's favourite items of the month is the best way to discover new and exciting things, that and it's always fun to have a good snoop. … Continue reading February Favourite

Happy Halloween!

It's October! I am squeaking this in a high pitched voice at my partner who stares back at me blankly- he doesn't get it. October to me is one of the best months of the year, Summer is definitely over and Autumn is in full swing. I often hear people express their love for this … Continue reading Happy Halloween!