Winter has well and truly made an entrance. For the first time since last year, I awoke to the frosty white layer blanketing the roofs, cars and trees around me. As I made my way across the grass, I took a moment to enjoy the crunch of the frozen ground under my feet and ponder … Continue reading Winter.

Happy Ostara

Ostara, what a wonderful time of year that marks when light and dark become equal again. It can be celebrated anywhere between the 19th to the 22nd of March, but in 2017 the Spring Equinox falls on 20th March. I will be celebrating on the 21st as I have done during previous years. We now … Continue reading Happy Ostara


Every now and then I get in a rut, I feel unmotivated and need something to shake away the dull sense of laziness that sits heavily on my chest. During these times I find it hard to stay focused on my plans, my mind becomes hazy and my way forward becomes unclear. At times like … Continue reading Inspiration