the wind.

Can you feel the power in the weather? When you stop and open yourself to the elements, the force you feel can be extraordinary and each element offers different traits to bring specific qualities to your workings. Of all of the different sensations that each weather can bring, the wind is by far my favourite. Now … Continue reading the wind.

A gift from a Crow.

The Crow and Raven have been rather presences in my life of late, they just seem to be everywhere! I have seen several while walking out in the forest, around the village and even sat on a dustbin outside my local shop. They have been quite forceful in their approach to be noticed within my … Continue reading A gift from a Crow.

Squiffy stomach

Last week I was feeling slightly under the weather, my stomach decided it was unhappy and of course, this happened in the middle of the night. It is not a pleasant experience, it is both tiring on the body as well as painful and I am certain there are many of you out there who … Continue reading Squiffy stomach

Happy Halloween!

It's October! I am squeaking this in a high pitched voice at my partner who stares back at me blankly- he doesn't get it. October to me is one of the best months of the year, Summer is definitely over and Autumn is in full swing. I often hear people express their love for this … Continue reading Happy Halloween!

Ancient Tree Magic

Recently the daughter of a dear friend of mine has been struggling to sleep in her bedroom at night. She is only two, but has told her Mum that there is an old lady who comes into her bedroom while she tries to sleep and tells her off. After doing some research on the history … Continue reading Ancient Tree Magic

My Magical Place

I live in the New Forest, this is where I have grown up and ever since I was young, I have enjoyed being among nature. There is something so magical about the forest, if you concentrate you can feel it, like an underlying hum or vibration. I am blessed to have a pup, who joins … Continue reading My Magical Place