Winter has well and truly made an entrance. For the first time since last year, I awoke to the frosty white layer blanketing the roofs, cars and trees around me. As I made my way across the grass, I took a moment to enjoy the crunch of the frozen ground under my feet and ponder … Continue reading Winter.

A gift from a Crow.

The Crow and Raven have been rather presences in my life of late, they just seem to be everywhere! I have seen several while walking out in the forest, around the village and even sat on a dustbin outside my local shop. They have been quite forceful in their approach to be noticed within my … Continue reading A gift from a Crow.

The Wonderful Magic of Hygge

This word seems to be everywhere at the moment, it caught my attention and spiked my curiosity. Hygge is very intriguing to me, as there is no corresponding word in the English language and to the delight of my partner (not so much), it is now something I am trying to incorporate into our everyday … Continue reading The Wonderful Magic of Hygge