Januarys Journey.

We are a little further away from January then I would like to be able to post this blog, but I figured why the hell not. I have just returned from a fabulous adventure to a destination, I had come to accept, I would never be able to visit. It is funny how life works, … Continue reading Januarys Journey.


Reflection.... such an important part of this time of the year. With the recent celebration of Samhain still fresh in my mind, I felt it only appropriate to discuss one of the major themes that run throughout this time of year. We begin to prepare ourselves for the cold winter ahead and, as it is … Continue reading Reflection.

Confession​ of a wild witch…

I have always been drawn to the magical way, it was part of my childhood growing up, brought to me by my mother's side of the family. Over the years, curiosity has grown in me so I have tried to expand my knowledge and come to some sort of understanding with the things I know … Continue reading Confession​ of a wild witch…

Beautiful Burley

Today was our date day, one day we set aside to spend together doing something we both enjoy doing. So we spent part of our day in the village of Burley, it is a small village nestled in the heart of the New Forest populated by small tea rooms, pubs and witchy shops. I believe that … Continue reading Beautiful Burley