meMy name is Hollie; I am a (late) twenty-something-year-old who lives in the New Forest with my partner, cat and dog.  My first experiences of this magical way were often brought to me by my aunt, on visits to her cottage in Newbury. There I saw a glimmer of something that was completely different from what I knew, it was mystical and caught my attention, even at such a young age.

As I grew up, unfortunately, I lost contact with my aunt, however, the magic stayed with me and I found myself being drawn to all things witchy. I would often forage for information on magical subjects that I had once glimpsed at when I was young. Whether that be books, the internet, shops or people; I tried to soak up as much information as my brain would allow. Learning the history of the subject has cemented the fact that this way of life is much older than me. It is, in my view, the earth, sun and sky- the nature and people around us.

I am, also, quite a normal women with normal interest. I try to enjoy the every day and wish to share a little part of me on this blog. I do not mean to cause any offence and my opinions are my own. So if you do choose to read my scrawl, it is mine and I do not mean any harm by it.

Blessed be.