996C2E55-DB30-4494-92DF-4C38D2F6824C.jpegmy name is hollie.

i find it difficult to think how i would describe myself and tie myself down with labels. i am what i believe i am.

from a young age, i have experienced magic mainly from my aunty we often went to visit in her cottage at newbury. it was just an everyday experience that i grew up with and i would see nothing strange with being given a crystal as a gift or seeing a stack of tarot cards on the side.

as i grew up my family lost contact with my aunt and it wasn’t until i reached my teens that my fascination with the subject returned. i soaked up as much knowledge as possible of the world that i had glimpsed at when i was young.

now witchcraft and magic have become part of my everyday life. i involve it everywhere and enjoy seeing in others who would class themselves as normal performing it without even knowing. this way of life is so old it is ingrained into our culture. i accept and embrace this.

i am a ‘normal’ person with ‘normal’ interests of which i would like to share with you through this blog. it is a blog about my lifestyle and i wish to lift the misconception so many have about what it is to live as a pagan.

i also want to state that this is my personal blog, these opinions are my own and i mean no offence or harm by what is written on here. do not be offended by my scrawl.

as always, take care.