journal: snow day.

for the past few days, it has snowed.

we haven’t seen snow like this down south for a good few years and i cannot put into words the excitement i have felt regarding this. in my eyes, this is a gift from the gods during this rather dark time of year. i know for others it may seem like a curse however, the fact remains that we have had a good dusting of snow the past few days.

during this times i enjoy waking early to sit and stare at the garden with a cup of tea in hand. i find it extremely peaceful, almost like a type of meditation and watch the birds flutter around. i expect they wonder what all of this white stuff is and why it has covered the green ground.

*thought* i must remember to put out some seed for their little bellies.

also, i enjoy watching rey experience it for the first time, she is only small and it is deep enough so you can’t see her legs. i find this rather amusing and have made several videos of her attempting to run out the door before realising it is incredibly difficult. it is important to clean the snow away from her paws when she comes it. that cannot be comfortable.

my partner is not able to enjoy this snow as he has been posted away for some months. i am not sure that me continually sending pictures is helping with his homesickness. i do believe that where he is located may have never seen snow, such a pity as its such a delight.

it looks like icing but covering the ground.

i must remember to bottle some of the delightfully fluffy snow to use within my magical workings. it will be charged with the elements to bring great power to ritual work based on peace or, for that matter, disruption. bottled in a dark glass and stored away, it could maintain its potency for a number of weeks, if not months.

how useful.

i want to lay in it, marking my spot on the incredible smooth ground. a snow angel is in order i think. i will wrap up due to the minus four temperature but i am sure i will feel the power seeping through regardless.

what a jolly good day, we remain as we have for many years not prepared for this weather. i would say maybe we will learn from this but i am sure as a country will carry on as normal like it never even happened. what snow?

i must admit so far my first snow day has been incredible.

take care.


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