Reflection…. such an important part of this time of the year. With the recent celebration of Samhain still fresh in my mind, I felt it only appropriate to discuss one of the major themes that run throughout this time of year. We begin to prepare ourselves for the cold winter ahead and, as it is also seen by many as the New Year, we take time to look back on what lessons can be taken from the cycle just passed. This is all represented by the Crone aspect of the triple goddess, she is of beauty, reflection, wisdom and death.

Personally, my world has transformed so much that I hardly recognise myself from a year ago. Everything from my career to home and love life is completely different and I know now that the change was needed. I feel stronger, happier and wiser than my former self and I can acknowledge the growth that has happened during this 365-day cycle around the sun. Change is a funny thing as humans we do not embrace it or, in fact, like it. Only on reflection can we chose to appreciate what or why certain changes needed to happen, hopefully accepting, learning and evolving within ourselves.

If I share with you one important lesson I have taken from this past year, it would be the freedom I have discovered within my own practice of the craft. This religion is much bigger and older than me, and I have come to recognise that my intuition is a valuable tool. For the craft is buried within my bones and soul, all given to me by my ancestors. To be able to listen and be guided by my inner self is freeing, it enables me to carve out a path of my own. As I have explained before, I prefer to keep my workings as simple as possible and I often perform rituals with very little, or no objects. I can do it anywhere or anytime, and this suits me fine. But I will confess I have discovered a different side to my craft which, in essence, does require a few tools and ingredients. The kitchen is where I weave my everyday spells, and I can honestly say that I am more than happy embrace the Hearth Witch side to my magic.

In terms of magic on the night, I completed a simple ritual containing two candles. One
black to represent the past which is then followed by one white to represents the future. First, the black candle is burnt and this is a time in which to reflect and respect your journey thus far. After snuffing out the black candle, the white candle is lit. This is a time for the future, and I find a great time to meditate on these thoughts. Once I feel my work is completed, the white candle is placed on the window to continue burning as a beacon to guide any ancestors home. As this is the time of the year where the veil is at it thinnest, I will set an extra place at the table and then the feast begins. A carved pumpkin is placed at the door to ward away any unfriendly spirits. Simple traditions that will be apart of my life hopefully for years to come.

I hope you all had a wonderful Samhain and, like me, are looking forward to what this year will bring. I hope this next year is full of adventure and excitement, and I choose to not make too many plans.

I wish you all great happiness with the year ahead.






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