the wind.

Can you feel the power in the weather? When you stop and open yourself to the elements, the force you feel can be extraordinary and each element offers different traits to bring specific qualities to your workings. Of all of the different sensations that each weather can bring, the wind is by far my favourite.

Now please let me explain; I am not talking about the destructive power of a hurricane or a tornado. These displays of Mother Natures ability to, quite frankly, swiftly wipe the human race from the future of the earth, should be seen as a reminder to us. Life is a gift, we should be respectful of this and remember where we came from. The chaos caused by these gigantic outbursts of phenomenal weather affect millions of people all over the world. Yet, to my eyes, the respect is still not learnt and we continue to become “too big for their own boots”. It is an important message that, at the end of the day, it will be Mother Nature herself who has the last word.

BUT I am talking about the blowing wind, the type that when you stand outside while it is happening then your hair flys all over your face and you swear that if it were just that bit harder, it could lift your feet off the ground. Or the type of wind that does not agree with you wearing a dress outside, not unless you would like to show your neighbours exactly which design of cat underwear you chose for the day… That has happened to me and I learnt very quickly the error of my ways.

For me, magic using the wind is so simple. I enjoy sitting or standing outside during blustery times for a meditation; feeling the old energy being blown out of my system and then recharging with the power that is being blown all around me. I feel refreshed, ready for what I have planned ahead.

If a magical working requires a particular characteristic that the wind carries such force or movement, I often find it helpful to complete these on a blustery day. If no fire is required, than to go outside during a windy day will allow the magic to be carried quickly to its destination. Or to break it down even further, a simple thought focused on, can be let go onto the wind to allow Mother Nature to work her magic.

So simple, yet effective and working with the natural magic that is provided.

Finally, I must mention that as well as the required element of choice, the moon in all her magic is an important force to have on your side. She demands respect, as she should, but working with her cycle is an important lesson to learn.

But above all, to feel the wind on my face, blowing away all my old cobwebs, truly is an act of the gods…

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