A gift from a Crow.

The Crow and Raven have been rather presences in my life of late, they just seem to be everywhere! I have seen several while walking out in the forest, around the village and even sat on a dustbin outside my local shop. They have been quite forceful in their approach to be noticed within my life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, they are a majestic creature, but they do hold that sense of foreboding about them.

IMG_0271.PNGI have always tried to listen to the earth and nature; so the presences of these beautiful birds meant that I needed to embrace their message. They carry a variety of different meanings and the bird itself is believed to fly between the land of the living and the dead (maybe that is how they have gained such a fierce reputation). Another is a spiritual awakening which I do think I am currently going through. It feels as though my eyes are growing wider, soaking up the knowledge and understanding from the earth. For this, I am very grateful and although I have always been on the wild side, I have been apprehensive about fully embracing my power. Instead, I spent time reading and following my instincts, which at the time felt most comfortable for me. I suppose, it is the philosophy of witchcraft, to listen to your instincts and connect to the earth. But previously I had not been ready to take on that kind of ownership in my life. So dear Crow, is this what you are telling me? To welcome and embrace the path in front of me?

raven.jpgThey can also be seen as an omen of difficult times to come, and although I tried my hardest to focus on the positive, I was unable to shake the feeling of this. Then after spotting so many throughout the recent days, while on a walk in the woods I spotted a Crow feather on the ground. I felt weary at first, but after staring at it for a minute or so, I looked up to see a Crow sat on a nearby tree trunk. I decided that this was a sign that it was meant to be a gift; so after a very brief conversation with Rey (yes she’s a dog, yes I talk to her and no, I’m not sorry) I picked up the feather and put it in my pocket.

When I got it home I continued to contemplate the meaning of this jet smooth, jet black,
beautiful feather but eventually placed it with my other sacred items. Over the next few days, the gift would enter my mind and I became concerned that an unseen difficult situation was approaching.

Then it hit me hard and I lost all the air out of my lungs. My relationship was over. I now understood the warning the Crow had carried, and everything fell into place. There are no words that I can type to put across how I felt, but if you have been through heartache, which I am sure the majority of you have, you will know my pain.

So as I write this, I am going through an extremely tough, personal time. Although the decision was hard one, from both sides, I cannot deny that it was most certainly the correct one. I have found comfort in this because I know that whatever happens, whether the time apart is what we need to appreciate each other or the space to know we are better off apart. Whatever the outcome, the decision was for the best. Time will tell where I end up next but for now, I will be ‘just so’ before continuing on my way to a new beginning.

So this gift from the Crow was a warning which my instincts had told me this all along. I should have trusted and listened to them more. Lesson learnt.

Blessed be.




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