My Pentagram.

Recently I have begun to notice the increasing negative associations with the pentagram and its meaning. I have always known that there are many people who are not aware of the true meaning of this symbol and often mistake it for a sign of the devil. However, this has come to my attention more frequently of late; therefore I feel this is a sign that it is something I should address. There are many websites and articles on the matter of a pentagram and its origin, and if you’re looking for a better overview on the subject, I strongly suggest you use the information available to deepen your understanding. But for now, here is a short post on my uses of this sacred talisman.

For those who unaware of what the symbol of a pentagram is; it is a five-pointed star earth, air, fire and water.pngoften depicted as being drawn in one continuous line. It some cases (often in Wicca), the star is within a circle and if referred to as a pentacle. It is used and believed to be by many a symbol of protection, representing the four elements (earth, air, fire and water), with the fifth point at the top of the star representing the spirit, or the divine. In the case of a pentacle, the circle around the edge represents the earth and the eternal ongoing cycle of life within it. The symbol itself dates back to the beginning of recorded history and has been used in a variety of different countries, cultures and religions during this time.


Today, as mentioned before, it is often mistakenly thought of as a sign of devil or demon inverted pentacleworship; especially if the pentacle is inverted (meaning the two bottom points are facing upwards). Since the belief in the devil is of the making of the Christian church and did not exist before this, it has no place within my beliefs or the belief of many other pagans and witches. However, I will say that if you use a symbol (no matter which one you choose) during work with negative energies, of course, it will become a strong representation of the intention you placed within it. As with anything you charge negatively, it can then become negative in itself.

The inverted pentacle is often used by witches today for a variety of different reasons. It can represent banishing, breaking down barriers, drawing new energies and new beginnings. In some covens, it is seen as a sort of “rank”, someone who is extremely advanced in their studies and has much knowledge.

For me, the pentagram is a symbol of protection, it is a talisman I use to inscribe certain items for protection and I also use it during rituals for the same reason. I have one that I made myself from the branches of a birch tree; I chose to use birch because it has a personal link for me. It is not fancy, in fact, it looks quite basic or crude, but the meaning behind it is extremely powerful and special.


If you wish to make your own, you can do this with a number of different materials. In my previous blog ancient tree magic, I discussed the uses of three sacred trees and why I used them as a protection symbol for someone close to me. But you can choose any material you like such as paper, wire or you can even just draw the symbol in the air with your finger. If your intention is strong, then this will be a valuable talisman to have in your toolbox. 

Blessed be.

2 thoughts on “My Pentagram.

  1. Fire symbol is also Shiva or male energy pointing upward is make phallic
    Water is also female or Shakti symbol and yoni shape of female sex organ
    Place water symbol on top of fire symbol, union of male and female gives ruse to the Pentagon of Star of David.


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