March Favourites

Another month is over as we move forward into April, a beautiful time of the year which full of life. Nature is getting into the swing of things, seeds that have previously buried are beginning to rise above the soil, ready to soak up all the goodness from the sun. One type of plant that we grow each year is the tomato, we grow a variety of different type. We always sown few seeds of each type to ensure we have plants and then give away whatever we have left over, to those who want it. However, due to us sowing a lot of seeds, we now have ALOT of plants, and not enough pots to give them a home to grow. This ingenious solution, in the form of plastic cups, is a cheap and easy solution thought of by my Mum! As well as the tomatoes, we have also sown seeds for a variety of other plants and herbs which I can see growing every time I check on them.

I thought that I would share my favourites from the month of March. What a month it has been, my life has changed slightly, and I am excited to see the impact this will have on my lifestyle.

My first favourite is ‘The Wild Unknown’ tarot deck. I purchased this after trying to find a wildunknown.jpgnew set of cards that resonated personally with me, and as there are SOOOO many beautiful decks available, it was extremely hard to choose. But I eventually managed it and now The Wild Unknown Deck is part of my collection. I must say that the artwork is just beautiful, I appreciate the way the deck is set out and I am so pleased that I decided upon them.

stoolMy second favourite of the month is a small side table for my lounge. It was found by my Mum for me at the local recycling centre, or as we call it ‘the dump’. I have been looking for a side table for a while but I didn’t just want to purchase any old table for the sake of needing to fill the space. This small wooden table is just perfect, it is in a G-Plan style which is exactly what I wanted and it is extremely well made. It sits next to my 1960s sewing stool and is the perfect addition to our lounge. It has just proven to me that if you are patient enough, what you need will eventually come along.

My third and final March favourite is a book I have been reading. I will be honest I books.jpghaven’t finished it yet; as it is a large book and I am an extremely slow ready. It is ‘The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries; by W.Y. Evans-Wentz and I don’t really need to describe it as the title does it for me. It was written in 1901 and contains old stories collected by W.Y Evans-Wentz himself. As you read you feel as though you are on the journey with W.Y Wentz, and I find it charming that the beginning of the book describes the places in which he travelled. This would then give you a view, in your mind’s eye, of where he travelled when collecting the stories. To me, this is so considerate of those, who back in 1901, would not be able to travel so far. Also, it is important to bear in mind that due to the book being written so long ago, the some of the language used may be seen as ‘a bit close to the mark’. However this isn’t so frequent and as long as you keep in mind the age of the book in mind, it shouldn’t cause any offence.

That concludes my favourites for the month of March, all of which I am extremely grateful for. I hope you all have had a great month and have a good month to come, despite the upcoming Mercury Retrograde. I am undertaking a new job during what some would call ‘not the best time’. Wish me luck!

Blessed be.


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