Black Salt

I hope you all have enjoyed the Spring Equinox, however you chose to mark the occasion. After the celebrations at Ostara (which I included in my previous blog post), I thought I would share how I seal my home after the cleansing ritual. During the Equinox, I will perform a house cleansing which usually takes the form of a smudging using herbs. I do this as a representation of following the wheel of the year. From the ‘spring cleaning’ during the celebration of Imbolc, I now chose to complete the ‘spring’ ritual with a house smudging at Ostara. In my mind, this is the final completion ready to take on the year ahead, to fully welcome the awakening of the earth and to me, this marks the occasion perfectly.

I am sure that you all know how to smudge a house, but if on the off chance there is someone who does not; you basically walk around your home burning certain herbs with the intention of riding your home of negative energy. The herb Sage is partially popular for this during present times, but there are other alternatives such as cedar, mugwort etc. You also wish to verbalise your intention throughout the process; such as a small blessing that negative energy is no longer welcome in your home. I also choose to draw a pentagram with the smoke throughout my home in all the doorway and windows; I see it as that extra protection.

Now that you have removed the negative energy, it is now time to seal your home to stop it re-entering. For this I will use black salt; not only does this block anything negative from entering, it will also absorb anything that may still be lingering. I will line all the doors and windows with the mixture. If your home seems to be attracting negative energy, or if you are going

Blacksaltthrough an extremely tough time, placing a small amount of the black salt in the corner of each room will help to absorb this. However be sure to clean away the salt weekly as the salt absorbs all the negative energy. Return it to the earth so it can be cleaned with Mother Nature.

I choose to make my own black salt, not only is it super easy to make, (but it is extremely powerful) especially if your own intentions are laced in with the recipe. “Salt does what you tell it to do”, and here follows the recipe that I use:

1 part cast iron scrapings, or fire ash, or herb ash to 3 parts sea salt.

That’s it! Just add these ingredients to our pestle and mortar, and grind it all up. If you wish to add a banishing element to the salt, use 1 tablespoon of black peppercorns. To add an extra oomph to the power of your salt, complete this during a waning moon.

I hope this is use to some of you, but I must mention as I believe it is important to recognise that this is also used in hoodoo magic.

Blessed be.


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