#faceofawitch: I am wild

I am wild,

I am free,

I am the sun and the moon,

I will not apologise,

For your misunderstanding,

My roots grow too deep,

My work is of fire and water,

Of earth and air,

What you know of me is often untrue,

Superstition fueled by lies,

I am of nature and truth,

I am of spirit and life,

I hold no shame,

It is in your thought,

I am as real as your fear,

But not in the way you understand,

Know me and us before you judge,

Find me as I am,

In truth,

I will meet you there,

I am a witch.







4 thoughts on “#faceofawitch: I am wild

  1. My favorite line: “I will not apologise” … we live in a society where apologies are becoming more and more required, and people have grown into the habit of not just apologizing for all that they do, but apologizing also for all that they are. This isn’t the right way. That line from you, in this sense, is perhaps one of the best positive affirmations I’ve encountered – you’ve drawn your line in the sand, lifted your head and straightened your back, look the world in the eye as your own self, and not as the person the world might demand you to be 🙂

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