February Favourite

Another classic blog which I thought I would partake in; February favourites! I am after all human, so of course, I have that instinctual leaning toward curiosity. Seeing other people’s favourite items of the month is the best way to discover new and exciting things, that and it’s always fun to have a good snoop. First things first…..


My favourite book, and as I am a slow reader the only book of this month, is the Hedge Row Handbook by Adele Nozedar. It is a fantastic little book that contains uses for the plants which can easily be found almost anywhere. This was an absolute gem of a find in a  small bookshop while on my travels just before the Yule/Christmas season. I was so excited to get stuck into a book that shares the old knowledge of how to use nature to improve your everyday life (in other words witchcraft). I am particularly excited about the cold and flu remedy made from an elderberry, I cannot wait to try this.


My current favourite jewellery item for this month is my new ear weights from IMG_0168.JPGUK custom plugs. Now I must explain that I have stretched earlobes, they were at one stage 18mm and I could put my thumbs through them (always fun to freak people out). However, around 8 years ago, I got the flu. I removed my earplugs during this time as I was finding them super uncomfortable. From that point on I never really put them in again. I used to feel so uncomfortable when the holes in my ears were empty, but then I decided it was pretty cool like someone took a hole punch to my ear. Anyway, (going off topic) the holes in my ear have shrunk quite a lot since then, I believe they are around 6-8mm. I wanted to get jewellery to wear in my ears as I haven’t for so long. I had seen UK Custom Plugs on another’s monthly favourites and decided to check them out. These are a beautiful green colour, they are made from soapstone which is used to help you to deal with the world around you, give you a positive attitude and help accepting change.


This has GOT to be the following recipe, during the cold winter months, this warming pork dish is just one of my absolute favourites. It is an easy recipe, you just bung it all in the slow cooker and six hours later, a pot of deliciousness will appear. It is my go to recipe when a bit of pazazz is needed, and I pair the pulled pork with brioche buns and sour cream to serve! Click here for the recipe.


Rosehip oil, I discovered this during the ongoing struggle that is my skin. My skin is super dry, not dehydrated just majorly dry, with spots and a rash thrown in as well. I use rosehip oil under my moisturiser in the morning for that boost of extra hydration, it has definitely helped towards this and with my wrinkles. This oil is able to access and hydrate the deeper layers of the skin, always great. I will say that I do keep it in the fridge to prolong the life of the oil.



This month my favourite item has to be this magazine rack, I found it in a store called Molly’s Den. It is a large shop with lots of little stores inside full of vintage and homemade items, like a little Aladdin’s Cave. We discovered this hidden under a table somewhere, I love the simple design and it is the perfect place to keep some of my current books. I did add some thin rope to the bottom to allow smaller books to be stored here, like our crosswords (yes I know we are sad).

I hope you have enjoyed this, I would love to know some of your favourites of the month. It is so interesting to see what other people discover, that and I am nosey!

Bless be.


My February Favourites!


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