Every now and then I get in a rut, I feel unmotivated and need something to shake away the dull sense of laziness that sits heavily on my chest. During these times I find it hard to stay focused on my plans, my mind becomes hazy and my way forward becomes unclear. At times like these, I need to kick start my inspiration and blow out the cobwebs that block my view. There are several ways I do this which I thought I would share with you, and it all starts with a walk…


Standing in the stream to wash away the fog
This is my go-to answer for most things and I am very blessed to live with the beautiful New Forest on my doorstep. There are a variety of different walks that I take depending on the need, but this day the weather is clear and I required a large open space. Preparation is key, as I do not want to spend my time distracted by how cold or uncomfortable I am. Coats and scarfs on, pup on her lead and wellies at the ready, it was time to set off and see how nature can guide me. Just being outside, allows me to feel connected to the old ones and I feel recharged from the sun, wind and earth. If I have time and the situation allows; I will lay or sit in the wild and ask for guidance from the elements, it is often just what I need to feel the reconnection to the earth and myself.


However, sometimes a little more oomph is needed when I am in a particularly sticky spot and a small spell is required. It is nothing fancy and involves the use of a candle, bay leaf and a small bowl. The spell is basic but effective, you may wish to write a particular word on the bay linked to what you need inspiration with or a particular something related to your goal, before burning the leaf over the bowl.

bayOf course, there is a little more to it than that, I have just shared the basics for this spell to allow you to add your own take on this magical working. My workings are often guided by what feels right for me and what I am comfortable with. I believe there is no deeper connection with the old ones than within yourself and they will guide you on the correct way to work your magic.

Finally, this can be followed with a meditation which will allow you to visualise what you wish to achieve. You may also want to have a crystal with you during your meditation to help clear your mind and see your goal; Fluorite, Tigers Eye and Clear Quartz are among my favourite for this task.

I hope that if you are in a rut like myself, these tips will guide you out of the funk. For me this time I only required a blast of fresh air to set me back on track.

Blessed be.





2 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. New visitor and follower to your blog, hello from across the North Sea! I’m also of a mind to walk whenever I feel like I’m uninspired or unmotivated … usually, the one or the other comes from a restless feeling that a good walk can cure rather quickly. Weather usually doesn’t slow me down much, either – I had a teacher once who was fond of saying that optimal weather trained the body, while suboptimal weather trained the mind and spirit 🙂 Your use of bay leaf is something I haven’t run across before!

    Sometimes, though, I’ve learned it’s best to let my mind cycle through things like that on its own. Strangely enough, after a day or two, it usually passes on its own and my mind afterwards feels like the body after it’s recovered from a cold.

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