What’s in my bag.

I love these classic blogs/vlogs, I watch them on a regular basis and find them fascinating. I don’t know why they catch my attention so, but I figured it would be fun to write a ‘what’s in my bag’. I can’t say that it contains anything extra special, in fact, it is really quite ordinary, but if you are anything like me you will find it interesting nonetheless.


My handbag is a vintage bag and if you have read my blog ‘Something old…’ you will be aware of my love for the old. It is, in my mind, beautiful and was a much-appreciated gift from Luke during the Yule/Christmas celebrations. The colour is a wonderful rich brown, the material has a crocodile type effect, it has a flap with magnetic closure and the hardware is a golden colour. The handle is a medium length meaning the bag sits just above my hip when worn. I also have attached a deep purple puffball to the side, there is for no reason for this other than I like it, and it reminds me slightly of the dust bunnies from My Neighbour Totoro.

It opens into three sections and in the first, I keep a fold up reusable bag. It is green with daisies on it (the best out of the two designs available), it is just from Wilko and is able to be neatly folded and tucked away. As they no longer provide carrier bags in the UK without a charge, it is alway handy to have one of these with you. Personally, I think the charge for carrier bags was a big step in the right direction for recycling and limiting the amount of plastic we need. I believe they saw a 70 – 80% reduction in the use of plastic bags, which not only has a big positive effect on the environment and carbon savings but also a massive 29.2 million pounds was donated towards good causes (between OCT 2015 and April 2016).

img_0067The second section holds my purse, which again was a lovely gift from Luke the previous year. It is by the designer Kate Spade in the colour red and has worn extremely well over the past year. As well as red being one of my favourite colours it in also the colour of protection and passion, and I definitely need some protection over my finances! My purse contains the usual items such as bank cards, receipts and change, but the two most important items are my purse pixie and green clover. Both are meant to bring luck, I bought the pixie on a trip to Cornwall, I like to think he watches over my money, and the Clover was a gift from my Mum.

phoneThis is also where I keep my iPhone, I am sure that some of you will recognise the character on my case from Sailor Moon. This is one of my all time favourite programmes from when I was a child, and I loved watching it every day. My parents enjoy telling everyone that they cancelled the TV contract because in their words ‘I watched it too much’.  I beg to differ, it was half an hour each day at 4 pm……… I think that reasonable!

Then we have my keys to my car and home. The elephant keyring is one of two little elephants, Luke has the other one and when you place them next to each other, their noses touch. They are cute, if not a little lame, but a percentage of their cost is donated to ‘Help the elephants’ scheme.

There is also a small zip pocket in this section but it is just home to a hair band and hair grip, I cannot go anywhere without theses. There is nothing worse than your hair going all over the place but with nothing to tie it up with!img_0071

The final section is home to medication, a small vintage purse that contains ‘women products’, chewing gum and a small pot of vaseline. This is where I would also keep my lipstick or makeup if I needed to take any throughout the day. Also stuffed in there are many poop bags, always good to have with you in case Rey feels the need to….. you know, go.

I hope you all have a fantastic day!

Blessed be.

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