Confession​ of a wild witch…

I have always been drawn to the magical way, it was part of my childhood growing up, brought to me by my mother’s side of the family. Over the years, curiosity has grown in me so I have tried to expand my knowledge and come to some sort of understanding with the things I know and feel. This all started for me around the age of 13 and took the form of a rental book from the local library. I remember being so nervous about anyone seeing what I was renting, I was young and did not want to be judged by anyone. The book was entitled ‘Wicca’. From that point on it was be a dominant subject, guiding my search for information.

As the years went by I continued to purchase and read many types of books on the subject,
but found that I rarely ever clicked with the information in front of me. I will admit that I did not understand the true difference between the many types of Paganism. I found it frustrating to feel this pull towards a wild and Pagan path, yet found no connection or understanding with what I was reading on Wicca. Unfortunately a lot of the time I became disinterested, I rarely finished the books I had bought and just purchased a new one instead. The cycle continued, I got more and more books but I was aware something was wrong, I just could not put my finger on it.

In September last year my circumstances changed dramatically, I found more time to focus on myself and my interests. I decided to spend more time researching magical input for my everyday life, that clicked with who I am. I had known what I was doing was magical, I just didn’t know how it connected to being a witch.

Slowly the dots started to connect and finally, I found the understanding I had been looking for…. I was not in any way, shape or form a Wiccan. I must make it clear that it’s not that Wicca is wrong a wrong path that chimes with you. Quite the opposite in fact.

But my practice, that came so natural to me, was something completely different. I cannot describe the feeling of finding understanding, I look back now and wonder how I was so blind for so long about such an important subject to me. But I will not live in regret! Nope, instead, I have decided to share my experience, however stupid it may seem.


Actually, I am so very pleased for this learning curve because I have had validation that everything I had been feeling and doing is not so far from the way of a witch. There are many different types of witchcraft, Wicca is relatively new in terms of the Pagan religions. I suggest that if you are like I was, unable to connect with whatever path you thought you were destined for, research research research. There is a lot that comes under the title of Pagan, you just need to find your own path within its many facets.

And so I continue down my path, going about my wild ways with a little more understanding in my heart and a little lighter on my feet. I am now looking forward to carving my very own path down this magical road!

Blessed be.


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