Beautiful Burley


Today was our date day, one day we set aside to spend together doing something we both enjoy doing. So we spent part of our day in the village of Burley, it is a small village nestled in the heart of the New Forest populated by small tea rooms, pubs and witchy shops. I believe that Burley became most popular for witchcraft around the 1950’s after a local resident named Sybil Leek would walk around the village with her pet Jackdaw on her shoulder. She later moved to America and wrote a number of books on the magical subject, I also believe the shop ‘A coven of witches’ was named by Sybil herself.

Burley is also famous for its dragon; a great folklore story. It is said that there was once a dragon who lived at Burley Beacon, each morning he would fly to a local hamlet of Bisterne to receive milk but caused chaos in the process. A brave knight, Sir Maurice, aided by his two Mastiffs were called to slay this dragon. So they lay hidden in wait at Bisterne for the dragon to arrive for his milk. Once the door opened on the building, the hounds attacked and as the dragon was distracted by the hounds, the Knight took the dragon by surprise. The fight went all across the New Forest, finally, the dragon died in Lyndhurst (New Forest Village) and his body turned into a grey hill (known as Bolton’s Bench). The knight was mentally broken from the hideous battle; after 30 days and nights he went back to Bolton’s Bench, lay on the top of the hill and died. His body turning into the Yew tree which is atop the hill today.

Enjoying these over breakfast

I picked up a few items myself from a number of different stores, a book named ‘Green Witchcraft’ folk magic, fairy lore & herb craft by Ann Moura and ‘Earth Pathways Diary’ for 2017. I am excited to use this and it is the first time I’ve come across this diary, but reading into the purpose of this book, I find it inspiring and completely on my wavelength. I encourage those of the same mind to look into the earth pathways diary and the work they do towards the community, here is their website-

The New Forest is a magical place, you can sense it in the air. Despite its name, there is nothing new about it and the area was named by William the Conqueror in 1079. The Royal Capital was then Winchester and William the Conqueror needed somewhere nearby to hunt dear.

I hope this little snippet can be enjoyed,

Blessed be.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Burley

  1. Lovely post. I met Sybil Leek (sorry to spot your typo) in the early sixties in Burley – she cured my hiccoughs. There was just one Covern of Witches shop then, but soon another witches’ shop was opening up every week. It is still a magical place. The surrounding woods are some of the best deciduous ones anywhere. I love their events: They go all out for Halloween and Christmas:


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