Ancient Tree Magic

Recently the daughter of a dear friend of mine has been struggling to sleep in her bedroom at night. She is only two, but has told her Mum that there is an old lady who comes into her bedroom while she tries to sleep and tells her off. After doing some research on the history of the house, she discovered that the previous tenant had died in the house. She was an older lady, but according to a neighbour, she had unfortunately passed away on the doorstep of the house.

Spot the Rowan tree

After having this explained to me, I began to research ways in which I could bring some protection to the little one and allow her to sleep soundly. My first stop is the Rowan Tree, which has its roots deep within British Folklore. The Red Berried tree can be used to make a pentagram which will provide protection for those in its presence. This tree is linked to the Goddess tree as each berry contains a five pointed star, a symbol of protection. It is related to the Sabbat of Imbolc in the wheel of the year. It is also believed to be a gateway into the Faerie Realm. The Rowan Faerie is female and a strong, protective presences who will repel intruders.

The Elder tree is very common in the United Kingdom, again this tree has an association with protection and Folklore. An Elder tree planted in the grounds of your house is believe to ward away evil. As a spring of Rowan is to be placed of the front entrance to your house for protection, a spring of Elder is to be place over the back entrance to your residence. It is believed that Fae would fashion their musical pipes from the hollowed wood, and standing under the tree on midsummer’s eve will allow you to see into the realm of the Fae. Elder is associated with the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess and darker times of the year. However it has been suggested that you should not sleep underneath Elder as the smell may have a negative effect.

The Hawthorn tree again has strong connection with protection of the Fae world and is sacred to the magical folk. It is reported that a famous Scottish poet, Thomas the Rhymer, once entered the Faerie Realm through a Hawthorn tree. Once he had returned to the human realm he realised that rather than being away for a matter of minutes, he had in fact been missing for seven years. The tree is connected to Beltane in the wheel of the year and this wood was used as the original May Poles in the May Day celebration. However it was believed that bringing Hawthorn into the house would bring bad luck.

Above is Heather, this can open portals between the worlds. It is seen as lucky and if put under your pillow can promote good dreams.

Therefore a talisman fashioned out of a Rowan tree to hang in her bedroom should bring her peace. Hopefully this will allow her to sleep a little better and bring protection to her bedroom. There is a vast range of tree magic, which is ancient and so important. I hope this will not to be forgotten… So if you also have any suggestions, please let me know. It will be greatly appreciated.

Blessed be.


3 thoughts on “Ancient Tree Magic

  1. My daughter used to be frightened of Aliens and it gave her bad dreams. Dream catchers did not work. I used to put Lavender and orange peel under her pillow and she ate a lettuce sandwich with a glass of milk before bedtime.


  2. What a wonderful alternative, I find it so interesting in the different ways we use nature to help with our everyday problems. I have not heard of orange peal before but will add this to my list of natuara​l remedies.


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