My Magical Place

I live in the New Forest, this is where I have grown up and ever since I was young, I have enjoyed being among nature. There is something so magical about the forest, if you concentrate you can feel it, like an underlying hum or vibration.

I am blessed to have a pup, who joins me on my adventures in the woods. I often like to get lost in the woods and find new peaceful places, but I do have one spot which is special to me. I have been visiting it for along as I can remember and it is beautiful. One of my favourite pathways is among the tall trees, the ground is covered in moss and small plants and you are surrounded by these natural giants that tower over you. I like to imagine the Fae dancing among the leaves or flitting from one tree to another. Always felt but not yet seen. Pup enjoys it here too, she sniffs and follows trails of scents that I cannot see, maybe she is also trying to find the Fae?! The air is clear, I can sense the Lord and Lady and in my mind feel the connection. For me this is my ritual, I imagine a large ball of light surrounding us. I feel closest to them there, among the wooden pillars and I feel at home.

Photo taken in my sacred place

There are animals; horses, donkeys and cows in most directions. Being in nature is a true blessing and if you ever get the chance to visit the New Forest, I highly recommend it. There are many beautiful locations all over this country that I also wish to visit, but here is a little slice of Mother Nature.

I have come across many faerie mounds which I have read about in books. If you walk around them clockwise, during a full moon, they will open to the faerie world. I have never tried this…. And probably never will but I do respect them and their world, so I leave the mounds alone. I have heard that walking on one can disturb the face and cause bad luck.

Faerie mound I came across on one of my walks


There are many stories of faeries from all across the country, however I find it hard to come across stories that relate to Hampshire. If any are known, I would love to hear them and please share them.

Blessed be.

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